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Santa Barbara Endodontics
Our office provides superior patient care

First and foremost, we strive to help patients retain their teeth for a lifetime. Our office places a high priority on attending to your comfort, emergency needs, and follow-up care. A thorough medical history, dental history, and pre-treatment diagnostic protocol is standard to insure that you receive the most appropriate and thorough treatment. We have a strong committment to interdisciplinary care which means that we communicate and work with your entire treatment team which includes your regular dentists and all other specialists.

Follow-up and Recall

Our office offers a progressive, proactive approach to comprehensive care. We believe that quality endodontic care requires accurate, efficient communication with your restorative dentist and other specialists involved with your treatment. We make every effort to integrate the care receive at our office with all other treating specialists.

We also routinely perform thorough follow-up and recall examinations.