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Santa Barbara Endodontics

COVID-19 PANDEMIC OFFICE PROTOCOL: We are seeing patients and practicing the CDC and CDA guidelines which have been very fluid and changing. We are updating daily as new information and recommendations are announced. 


Currently, we are back to normal office hours 8am to 5pm with someone at the office to help you.  


Strict telephone screening is performed before patients are seen and family members or friends coming with them are asked to stay outside the office unless absolutely required for assistance. No magazines will be available in the reception area and all smooth surfaces will be disinfected after the entry and exit of each patient.  Only one patient is treated at a time with adequate time for complete office disinfection between patients. 


Patients will be asked to rinse wtih molecular iodine and wash their hands before entering the back office.  The patients temperature will be taken before examination and treatment.  Thank you for your assistance in protecting yourself, others, and our team. Since April, 2020 we have  incorporated office fogging with hydrochlorous acid (HCOl).  Since 2004 we have run ionized water with hydrochlorous acid through our waterlines utilizing the Sterilox generator.  This disinfectant is incorporated into the aerosol mitigating the risk of transmitting disease. The combination of traditional operatory wipe-down with subsequent HCOl fogging after each patient protects our patients from infection.

We are very proud to announce we moved our office and remodelled to incorporate advanced infection control measures including a central HVAC system with HEPA 13/14 filters , UV burner intake (APCO) and a peroxide generator output (REME-HALO).  Our  continuing commitment is to the safest delivery of the highest possible quality dental care.  


Your health and safety is our utmost concern.


The following prescreening questions will be asked of you when you call for an appointment:


1. Do you have a fever or have you experienced a fever within the past 14 days? 

2. Have you experienced a recent onset of respiratory problems, such as a cough, wheezing, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing within the past 14 days?

3. Have you trevelled out of the country or flown on a plane within the past 14 days?

4.  Have you been in contact with anyone that has had a fever or respiratory problems in the past two weeks? 


Our Mission

Our goal is to provide the highest quality endodontic health care for the community and surrounding areas of Santa Barbara. Our team will work together to provide this care in a friendly, comfortable environment where the patient is the number one priority without compromise.

Practice Profile

Dr. Pannkuk is an active leader in the endodontic community. In addition to clinical practice he  teaches, lectures, and writes on current endodontic topics. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics.  The office is equipped with the most modern technology and equipment available.

The doctor utilizes advanced microsurgical techniques and practices with the surgical operating microscope. Established in 1987, our practice has maintained the highest standards of health care quality and ethics.


Dr. Pannkuk is a board certified diplomate.  Board Certification is a voluntary process and requires a review of the applicant’s education and successful completion of the three-part examination process:


  • Written Examination: A four-hour examination that tests a broad range of knowledge in anatomy, biochemistry, pathology, immunology, microbiology, pharmacology, radiology, statistics, clinical endodontics and related disciplines.
  • Case History Examination: Presentation of a diverse range of complex cases from the applicant’s own practice that demonstrate exceptional knowledge, skills and expertise in the full scope of the field of endodontics.
  • Oral Examination: The Candidate is required to demonstrate a high level of skill in endodontic diagnosis, evaluation, analysis, creativity, decision-making and problem solving.

Upon successful completion of all three examinations the endodontist is certified as a “Diplomate of The American Board of Endodontics.” Certification as a Diplomate signifies a unique achievement.



Dr. Pannkuk also has had advanced training in implantology with many successful cases completed and followed-up with long-term study. Our office can provide the option of dental implants when your tooth presents as split or non-restorable. Your treatment plan will be carefully considered with the coordination of your referring dentist.  The surgical placement of the implant is provided with the highest level of planning and consideration of your overall dental treatment plan.


Endodontic diagnosis can frequently be aided by 3-D imaging.  We are excited to have available the Carestream 8100 3D Micro CT scanner, which provides exceptional safety with extremely low radiation compared to conventional linear medical CT technologies.  It also provides high resolution and the capability off finding evidence of disease that might easily be missed with conventional 2-D radiography.  If required to aid in your diagnosis or treatment, we have this unique advanced technology readily available in the office.  The doctors and staff will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding the safety and value of this remarkable technology.  CBCT imaging can significantly aid in diagnosing endodontic disease, cracks, root resorption, previous treatment complexities, and nondental diseases that may show with scanning the jaws.